Reflections on our theatre year in Covid

2020 will forever been known as the year that the world was struck with an awful pandemic. We faced a year of turmoil for humanity, but also for the arts. TYT Theatre, like many other young and developing arts companies was faced with the burgeoning question - How do we continue?

We met this pandemic head-on and opted to treat it as a new challenge full of new opportunities. It was by no means easy, but it has certainly been exciting. Our goals have been to create a safe space that encourages the development of new art all the while pushing and setting new standards in health and safety awareness. Here are some highlights...


InSitu Multi-Arts Festival

“Welcome. … it arrived yesterday in the spark of a moment.”

The tall figure extends a hand, winks and opens double doors into a shimmering darkness. “It’s big isn’t it? But don’t worry about ‘getting’ lost …. by being ‘here’ you are already ‘there’!”

You follow the figure - past floating umbrellas, lost socks, stacks of book sculptures, piles of discarded words, and echoes of lost languages. Curious?

In every room characters beckon you to explore. “Have you lost something,” they ask? “Perhaps you have found something? Forgotten something? … Welcome,” they whisper, “Welcome, to The Lost Museum.”

Please, if you have time, visit the Lost Museum. This collective worked tirelessly to create a wondrous and magical digital experience that explores art lost in space and time. Being unable to film in their traditional home of the Mississauga Small Arms Society; the collective took up residence with us at TYT and the Annex Theatre to build these marvelous worlds. We can take no credit for their creativity, but we were honoured to host and be involved in our own small way.


The goal was to take over a space that was in disarray and attempt to create a covid-concious and safe-as-can-be environment for the arts to not just survive, but also to thrive. We entered into this project not knowing the scale of work that would be needed or the amount of research and dedication to safety that we would have to re-educate ourselves and those coming into it about, but this project has been fulfilling in so many ways. It has allowed us to grow as a company and develop a space that cultivates the arts and inspires a new wave of young and interesting creators. We are proud to have partnered with the Randolph Centre for the Arts to take over their Annex Theatre and help it grow over the past year. It was bitter sweet in May of 2021 to return this venue to it's full-time operators; The Randolph College for the Arts.