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Wychwood Theatre

85 seat venue located within the beautiful, historic Wychwood Barns

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Performances, Rehearsals, Special Events, Classes, Auditions, Photo Shoots, Film Shoots, Screenings, Readings, Meetings, Exhibitions

Located in the stunning Wychwood Barns just minutes from Bathurst and St-Clair, The  Wychwood Theatre features a semi-sprung floor, 20 ft ceilings, a modern and updated lighting grid and an industry aproved covid-conscious environment. This stunning venue is the current home of TYT Theatre.

Both daytime and evening slots available.

Large 10' 6" window wall doors the open up to Wychwood Barns Park.

Conveniently located next to the Wychwood Barns Park with access to lots of public outdoor space.

Wychwood Theatre
601 Christie St #176, Toronto, ON M6G 4C7

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Our goals on this project have been to continuously engage with safety standards set by our government and tackle the question; how do you continue to create entertainment safely in these unprecedented times?

This grand re-imagining of bringing to life a new type of venue is done in collaboration with the incredible minds behind the Toronto Youth Theatre as well as the founder of the Lower Ossington Theatre. With a combined experience of over 25 years in live performance, we have set out to create a new standard for safety and audience engagement. 
In times of uncertainty it is all the more important to bring entertainment into the world, especially Family-Friendly Theatre. We have carefully crafted an environment of safety, positivity and inclusiveness with a focus on modern, new ways to interact and inspire our audiences.

Where is The Wychwood Theatre located?

The Wychwood Theatre is located at 601 Christie St. Studio 176 It is attached to the eastern side of the Artscape Wychwood Barns complex. Our main entrance is on the South East side of the building, through the Wychwood Barns Park at Wychwood and Helena Ave. It is a five minute walk from Bathurst and St-Clair.

Is this a new space?

Many theatre companies have occupied the venue in the past - most recently Solar Stage and Theatre Direct. The original streetcar repair barns were built between 1913-1921 for the Toronto Civic Railway and later the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). Our re-branding has added it's own flavor and uniqueness to the venue, so if you've been here before than we encourage you to come visit again to see the wonderful new changes.

Should I drive or transit?

When using public transit, take the 7 bathurst street bus north to Nina street and walk West 3 blocks to Wychwood street.
St Clair West subway station is an 8 minute walk from door to door. 

There is lots of on-street parking available within the surrounding area.

Is the space accessible?

The venue is located on the ground level and is an accessible space.