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LIVE! At The Wychwood Theatre (76 Wychwood Ave)


May 4th - June 9th

10:00am & 12:30pm Performances

Tickets from: $32.99

RUNTIME: 60 Mins

Recommended Ages: 3 - 11

*Group / School Bookings Available by request

Thumbelina: A Little Musical – is a new musical adaptation of the beloved story by Hans Christian Andersen of a courageous girl who forges her path, embraces her differences and finds her place. Determined to meet someone her own size, 3-inch tall Thumbelina steps outside her garden walls for the first time and embarks on a great adventure with Julian, prince of the fairies. Little does she know, she’s about to discover a world of danger, secrets, surprises, and friendship.

Stinky Cheese Man.png

May 18th - June 23rd

2:30pm, 4:30pm Performances

Tickets from: $27.99

RUNTIME: 55 Mins

Recommended Ages: 6 - 12

*Group / School Bookings Available by request

What do you get when you take fairy tale classics and turn them on their heads? How about the Ugly Duckling growing up to be A Really Ugly Duck or Cinderella snubbing Rumpelstiltskin. Based on the award-winning book, don’t miss this hilarious parody sure to crack up kids and parents alike.

LIVE! At The Randolph Theatre (736 Bathurst St)

Elephant and Piggie.png

June 15th - July 7th

12:00pm, 3:00pm Performances

Tickets from: $29.99

RUNTIME: 55 Mins

Recommended Ages: 4+

*Group / School Bookings Available by request

Best Time Ever Pals! Piggie is excited, because she has no idea what is going to happen today—which means that anything is possible. Like skipping. Or ping pong. Or a party invitation! Party invitation?! Good thing Gerald knows how to party! Join Mo Willems’ two most unlikely pals as they sing and dance (well, Gerald tries to dance) through the joys and trials of everlasting friendship.

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